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Inex Legend Division Added for 2024

Rougemont, NC --

The Inex U.S. Legend Cars will be added as an official track division for the 2024 Orange County Speedway season!

Everyone knows that the Legend cars put on some great racing everywhere they go, but as we saw in the couple events we hosted last year, they can really put on a show on the high banks of OCS!

So as we look to grow this division moving forward into 2024 and beyond, the OCS Legend division will start by competing for 5 events this season and there will be a points champion crowned at the end of the year as well.

We are hopeful that this will open up an opportunity for competitors who otherwise can’t commit to lengthy full season schedules to still come race with us five weekends throughout the year and also have the excitement of competing for a track championship. Likewise, with many other tracks in our area running Legends throughout the year, there may be some competitors that are able to tack on an additional handful of races to their existing schedules and also come compete for a second (or even third) track title in the same season.

Regardless, we appreciate any and all competitors who choose to come race with us and are excited to see some great racing action out of this division in 2024!

Note: Depending on car counts during this year’s initial limited schedule, we may be able to expand to include more events on next year’s calendar, but for now the 2024 OCS Legend division season will consist of the following race dates:

1. May 18th (Double Track Points)

2. July 20th (Twins)

3. August 10th (Double Track Points)

4. September 7th (Inex Regional Qualifier)

5. October 5th (Championship Night - Double Track Points)

We look forward to seeing this division grow and are excited to welcome the Legends back to America’s Fastest 3/8 Mile!

To see the full 2024 OCS Season Schedule of events, check here:


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