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Season points standings are updated after each race on Speedhive


Current Points Standings

Season Points Championship

Championship points will be awarded based on finishing position at each event for all regular OCS divisions as follows:

1. 50                                                      11. 30

2. 48                                                      12. 28

3. 46                                                      13. 26

4. 44                                                      14. 24

5. 42                                                      15. 22

6. 40                                                      16. 20

7. 38                                                      17. 18

8. 36                                                      18. 16

9. 34                                                      19. 14

10. 32                                                    20. 12

                                                              21 and below: 10

Bonus Points

*Fastest Qualifier: 1

Halfway Leader: 2

Hard Charger: 4

*Note: Fastest Qualifier bonus point will only be awarded for divisions that have a timed qualifying session. Any division that sets starting order by a random draw will not have a Fastest Qualifier bonus point awarded. For twin race nights, the Fastest Qualifier bonus point will only be awarded for the first race. The second race lineup is set by an invert of a randomly drawn number by the first race winner, thus there is no Fastest Qualifier earned for the second race.

  • Hard Charger bonus points will be awarded to the driver who advances their position the most (ie. starting position to finishing position) during the race. Eligibility requirements are defined below:

    1. Driver must improve their position by more than one (1) position in the race to be eligible

    2. Driver may elect to start at the rear of the field to have a better chance of earning the “Hard Charger” bonus points, but they must inform a Track Official of this decision within 15 minutes of completion of qualifying to be eligible

    3. Any driver who is sent to the rear of the field for a post-qualifying or post-race penalty will NOT be eligible for the “Hard Charger” bonus points

  • If a competitor has a mechanical failure during practice or qualifying that prevents them from starting the race, they will still be awarded last place points for that event. If there are twin races that night, last place points will only be awarded for first race.

    • Note: Competitor must have purchased any required tires/fuel (if their division has those requirements for that event) for them to be eligible to receive last place points.


For all timing/scoring related inquiries, please email us at:

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